In brief
– Assistance, coaching and reporting, all in English.
– Maximum flexibility, both in terms of content and programme duration. And with a very strong focus on results. Completely individual or in combination with training in small groups.
– Short lines: ReportingOnline 24 enables you to obtain insight into the programme’s progress 24 hours a day.
– Intensive, so back to work more quickly.

Customised solutions
Fully individual or a combination with training in small groups. We look at what is achievable and desirable for you as employer. We will of course take into account the financial options within the transition budget here.

Nothing is more unpleasant than a forced parting of ways. However, sometimes parting ways is actually the solution to a problem. Whether it concerns the consequences of a reorganisation or a(n) (impending) conflict, in both cases a programme leading from work to work offers a solution.

Individual assistance and personal coaching throughout the entire programme. A high-intensity programme in which there is scope for an extensive exploration of the individual competences and the labour market, which will also be approached intensively from day 1 of the programme.
Besides the (non-binding) intake interview, the following subjects will be discussed and training given individually. We will of course look at the specific needs of the employee.

  • Loss processing and dealing with change.
  • Specific supervision in the drafting of a letter and CV.
  • Applying for jobs and the job hunt to enable actually approaching suitable employers on the labour market.
  • Vocational orientation. “What do I want? What drives me?” But especially: “What am I capable of? What is realistic?”
  • Labour market orientation, where the translation is made from professional orientation to the local/regional labour market.
  • Networking and social media. From mapping out the personal (social) network to expanding and maintaining it.
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