Effective, business-like and guaranteed.

In brief
– Assistance, coaching and reporting, all in English.
– Maximum flexibility, both in terms of content and programme duration. Completely individual.
– Short lines: ReportingOnline enables you to obtain insight into the programme’s progress 24 hours a day.
– Intensive, so back to work more quickly!
– You are guaranteed to be in compliance with the requirements imposed by the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

Customised solutions
Fully individual. We look at what is achievable and desirable for you as employer and for the employee. We will use the work capacity report as a starting point. Information on second

Second line labour reintegration means that you, as employer, are required to assist your chronically sick employee in finding another suitable job. Your obligations are stipulated in the Dutch law pertaining to reintegration after sick leave (The ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’: the Dutch Gatekeeping Improvement Act). After two years of sickness, the Dutch Employee Agency will check whether you have met these obligations. If so, you will be allowed to dismiss your sick employee. If not, you may be required to continue to pay the wages of your employee for a maximum period of 1 year. Late start-up of the reintegration programme also gives the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency a reason to impose a fine on you. So you should certainly start with the reintegration of your employee on time!
However, the sick employee has obligations as well. They should, among other things, fully cooperate in the reintegration programme and accept all the work that may still be performed. The employer may take measures in the event of the repeated failure of the employee to participate in the programme. In the worst case, this will mean cessation of payment of the wages of the employee. The Dutch Employee Insurance Agency may subsequently partly or fully refuse to pay any benefits to which there is an entitlement.
As a certificated and recognised reintegration agency, Traject Consult specialises in effective and affordable second line labour reintegration. If we assist your sick employee, your costs will be limited to a minimum amount.
The reintegration programme aims to enable your sick employee to resume work as soon as possible and to provide conclusive reporting for the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency.

Individual assistance and personal coaching throughout the entire programme, complemented with training courses and workshops if desired. Of course, all this will be entirely geared towards finding a new area of work. An intensive, customised programme intended for employees who, for whatever reason, require an individual and specific approach.
Besides the (non-binding) intake interview, the following subjects will be discussed and training given. In addition, we will focus extensively on the personal situation of the employee.

  • Loss processing and dealing with change.
  • Specific supervision in the drafting of a letter and CV.
  • Applying for jobs and the job hunt to enable actually approaching suitable employers on the labour market.
  • Vocational orientation. “What do I want? What drives me?” But especially: “What am I capable of? What is realistic?”
  • Labour market orientation, where the translation is made from professional orientation to the local/regional labour market.
  • Networking and social media. From mapping out the personal (social) network to expanding and maintaining it.

You will receive interim written progress reports from us. In addition, you will be kept informed of the state of affairs within the programme on an ongoing basis by means of ‘ReportingOnline’. Upon the start of the programme, you will receive a login code from us that will enable you to monitor progress during the programme at any time that is convenient to you.

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